Commission and Fees. Upon sale of the Product, Consignee shall be entitled to a sales commission, which shall be 10% of the net sales price of the watch/watches with a $300 minimum. For purposes of this section “net sales price” shall mean the price paid for the Product by the end customer, minus any applicable third-party fees (e.g. ebay seller’s fee), duties, taxes, and shipping fees. Consignor shall be responsible for paying any such applicable third-party fees (e.g. ebay seller’s fee) seller’s taxes or duties, and shipping fees.

Sale Price. Prior to the sale of any Product, Consignee shall obtain Consignor’s consent for the proposed sale price, which shall include a reasonably accurate estimate of the net sale price. Such consent may be withheld by Consignor at Consignor’s absolute discretion.

Termination of Agreement. The term of this agreement is 120 days. Either Party may terminate this Agreement at any time with or without cause by giving five (5) days prior written notice. In the event that Consignor terminates this Agreement; Consignee shall immediately return the Consigned Products and Consignor shall pay Consignee $100 per Product plus this shipping costs (fully insured Two Day Fedex) for Consignee returning the Products to Consignor.

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